Mobile Battery Regeneration Station

20' & 40' Mobile Battery Regeneration (MoBR) Connex Units

Battery Connex Exterior

Battery Connex Exterior

If your range requires the most rugged, deployable battery regeneration station for CONUS and OCONUS environments, then PPI’s Mobile Battery Regeneration (MoBR) Station will meet that requirement.

MoBR can be configured to charge and store multiple battery types and styles. It is developed to provide for safe handling and neutralizing of chemical/acid materials in an OSHA compliant environment - thereby supplying the ultimate in controlled battery maintenance and service.

Self-contained, deployable and easy to relocate, the complete MoBR unit can be powered by direct power supply or by optional portable generator.

Battery Connex Charging
Battery Connex Interior
Battery Connex Layout

    20 ft. and 40 ft. Units Available

  •   20 ft. Unit Accommodates 132 Batteries - 36 In-Process and 96 Storage
  •   40 ft. Unit Accommodates 264 Batteries - 72 In-Process and 192 Storage

MoBR Standard Features
Battery Connex Shelving
  •   OSHA Compliant
  •   Electrical Arc Resistant Configuration
  •   36 Simultaneous Battery Charging Positions
  •   Storage Shelving for 96 In-Process Batteries
  •   Hookup for 220 V or Portable Generator
  •   Controlled Ventilation
  •   Automated Shutdown (Ventilation Failure)
  •   Ventilation Failure Warning Status Light
  •   1,280 cu. ft. of Functional Space (8’ x 8'  x 20’)
  •   Acid/Chemical Resistant (Epoxy) Interior Coating
  •   Steel Personnel Door Located on Side of Unit
  •   Battery Trays w/Acid Neutralizing Mats
  •   Emergency Lighting
  •   Eye Wash with Audio/Visual Alarms
  •   Acid Resistant Floor Matting
  •   Protective Index “D” Safety Equipment
  •   Panic Hardware (Interior of entry door)
  •   First Aid Kit
  •   Safety Signage
  •   Enclosed Interior Lighting - (2) 150 watt
MoBR Optional Features


  •   8' x 8' x 40' Unit (double cubic foot capacity)
  •   Insulated Interior Walls and Ceiling (required with heating or cooling option)
  •   Metal Lined Interior Walls
  •   Thermostat Controlled Heating/Cooling


  •   Additional Battery Charging Positions (36, 72, or 108 simultaneous positions)
  •   Additional Lighting
  •   Interior and/or Exterior Electrical Outlets
  •   Portable Generator
  •   Pulse-Tec Technology Chargers
Battery Connex Emergency Drench Shower


  •   Emergency Drench Shower
  •   Explosion Proof Configuration
  •   Neutralizing Agent
  •   Electrolyte Battery Acid


  •   Keyless Entry
  •   Additional Shelving Units
  •   Custom Exterior Paint
  •   Battery Hold-Down Straps
  •   Trailer / Mobile-Mount

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