Large Component Fabrication & Machining   

Maximize throughput & minimize labor

Precision Products Inc (PPI) specializes in large component fabrication and machining. Our multi-axis milling and turning can handle up to five feet (5') diameter manual turning, 35" CNC turning. Surface grinding up to 36"W x 96"L x 40"H. PPI's 4-axis milling capability is up to ten feet on all three axes (10' x 10' x 10'). PPI also offers CNC sinker and wire EDM plus CNC ID and OD grinding, and we guarantee very tight tolerances.

Large Component Machining - 4-Axis Milling
4-Axis Milling to 1,000 Cubic Feet

Large Component Machining - Surface Grinding
Surface Grinding to 36" x 96" x 40"

Large Component Machining - Tight Tolerances
Large Components and Tight Tolerances

Multi-Axis Milling and Turning:

  •   CNC Turning to 35" Dia.
  •   Manual Turning to 60" Dia.
  •   4 Axis Milling Capacity to 1000 Cubic Feet (120" x 120" x 120")
  •   Surface Grinding to 36"W x 96"L x 40"H

40 Ton Lift Capability
40 Ton Lifting Capacity for Large Assemblies

CNC Turning for Large Components
CNC Turning to 35" Dia.

PPI also offers:
CNC Sinker and Wire EDM
CNC ID and OD Grinding
and a wide array of additional manufacturing services