Range & Event Lighting

Eliminate need for expensive specialty equipment

PPI Lighting Lifters

  •   Safely Change Bulbs from Ground Level
  •   Quickly Modify Lighting Angle and Intensity
  •   Reduce Maintenance Cost and Hours
  •   Eliminate the Need for Bucket Trucks or Specialty Equipment
  •   Galvanized Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction Provide Years of Maintenance-Free Service
  •   Install on Any Vertical Standard - (standards can be supplied and installed by PPI)
  •   Unlimited Configurations and Applications
PPI Lighting Lifters at Camp Atterbury
PPI Lighting Lifters at Camp Atterbury

Never again experience the hazard of changing lights from unstable ladders or by using expensive specialty equipment. With PPI Range and Event Lighting you can safely adjust lighting from ground level, (or any predetermined height), in a matter of minutes.

Our one-of-a-kind fixture allows the lights to be positioned at any location along the axis of the lifting frame. This unique feature provides the event or range director with maximum flexibility for achieving the desired lighting direction, angle and intensity.