Remote Mobile Showers (ReMS)

Wide Range of Configurations Available of our Shower Connex

ReMS - Shower Connex
Rugged, Industrial Grade Components and Assemblies

Precision Products’ Remote Mobile Showers (ReMS) can be quickly and easily deployed. No other units offer the same rugged durability under high utilization levels and environmental extremes. The entire ReMS system is configured to support high-volume throughput of personnel. All electrical and mechanical systems achieve the ultimate in reliability and durability. We also offer several heating, cooling and insulation packages, matched to virtually any climatic condition.

ReMS Shower Connex Interior
12-Shower Unit with Mechanical Room, Utility Room and Additional/Optional Features

ReMS Shower Connex Sinks
Our ReMS offer higher quality and value over their entire useful life. These units are unsurpassed in dependability, and provide years of trouble free operation. ReMS have many available options and are custom made to support your individual needs.

ReMS Shower Connex Stall
Shower Stall with Optional Features

ReMS Available Features

  •   2600 Gallon Potable Water Tank
  •   2600 Gallon Gray Water Holding Tank
  •   LED Liquid Level Gauges
  •   City Water and Sewer Hookups
  •   220 or 110 volt GFI Electrical System
  •   Low Voltage Electrical System
  •   External Electrical Quick-Connects
  •   Heating, A/C & Insulation Packages
  •   Lockable Wall Thermostats
  •   High-Volume On-Demand Water Heaters
  •   High-Volume Pumps
  •   FRP Interior Walls and Ceiling
  •   Fire Rated Entry Door
  •   Up to 16 Shower Stalls
  •   Over-sized Shower Stalls
  •   Stainless Steel Sinks
  •   Lockable Sink Cabinet
  •   Water-Saver Showers and Faucets

ReMS Available Features

  •   Anti-Scald Valves
  •   Individual Lights Above Shower Stalls
  •   Soap Dispensers
  •   Shelves, Shower Curtains, Etc.
  •   Clothing Hooks
  •   Chrome Floor Drains
  •   Vinyl or Epoxy Flooring
  •   Non-Slip Floors
  •   Shatter Proof Mirror
  •   Exhaust Fan/Vent
  •   Dressing Bench
  •   Private Dressing Areas
  •   Utility and Mechanical Rooms
  •   Mop Sink
  •   Storage Shelves
  •   Propane Storage Tanks
  •   Gas Powered Generator
  •   Trailer / Mobile Mount