HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)

Respond automatically to inverted emergencies

The Precision Products’ HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT) is the safest, most realistic rollover training tool available for soldiers. The HEAT is built to replicate in-theater operations while facilitating a controlled and safe environment. It provides training for emergency evacuation, self aid, buddy care and injured personnel removal in the event a vehicle becomes inverted or rolled on its side.

HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer - HEAT

HEAT training is critical to saving lives and reducing injuries in what has become increasingly common inverted vehicle emergencies. This exercise alleviates the panic resulting from these extremely disorienting rollover events and soldiers practice the proper procedures until they truly become second-nature. HEAT simulation prepares troops in-theater for a potential rollover, thus honing all the skills required to exit the vehicle quickly and safely.
  •   Accurate Rollover Simulation
  •   Multiple Safety Interfaces
  •   Controlled 360 Degree Rotation
  •   Adjustable Speed
  •   Brake Controlled Axle
  •   Quiet/Durable Hydraulic Motors
  •   Low Maintenance, High‑Precision Bearings and Gearbox
  •   Static or Mobile Mount
  •   Rigid Steel Construction
  •   Safety Strut Walkways
  •   Additional Options and Features Available
HEAT blueprint
Survivability ratings of troops improve dramatically as training evolves and experience is developed, leading soldiers to gain high levels of confidence in their ability to respond automatically to inverted emergencies, whether under water, under fire, or on fire.